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Our Services

Bryt Messengers Delivery strives to be the most reliable and experienced express delivery service within Nairobi. We are a smart group utilizing technology such as our uber like express massagers delivery app. Bryt Delivery provides express delivery services to the entire Nairobi County and neighboring counties We place an emphasis on quick and same-day delivery services. Customers can be sure that items will be picked and arrive at their destination safely within the specified deadline Courier Express Delivery in Nairobi I has several motorbikes and on-call vehicles so we can accommodate any delivery, big or small.

Home Delivery Services

We deliver within 48 hours to most of the country and within 24 hours to Nairobi and its Environs.

When you place your order, at the check-out you will be prompted to select whether you want your items delivered or whether you will be collecting them from the pharmacy in Hurlingham, Nairobi.


looking at simple and affordable solutions for warehousing and order fulfillment services.

We have a dedicated team of professionals with extensive experience in logistics, operations, online marketing and customer services Independently owned we operate throughout all major cities in Kenya.


The increasing amount of small-sized shipments and their frequency variation, due to the growth of e-commerce, pose a great challenge to logistics service providers.

At the same time, new technologies and innovations are being developed with the aim of increasing the efficiency of logistics service provider, as much as foster the creation of new enterprises and business models in the home delivery sector.


In Nairobi and it’s environs, using our company driver, we will deliver to residential addresses as well as to offices or institutions. Outside Nairobi, we are using Nation Courier Service, because they have the most elaborate and efficient delivery service. We have set up a network of pick-up points geographically distributed to serve most of the country. Once your parcel is ready for pick-up we will contact you via an SMS text or a phone call . It is therefore very essential that you provide us with a contact telephone number when you register with us.