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Five years ago, Josh was standing on a bridge, texting his brother a good-bye message. Despite breaking six ribs and puncturing a lung, he woke up in the water. Adrenaline and instinct led him to swim to a nearby platform, where he was soon picked up by emergency services — his brother had received his text and called Today, Josh is doing much better. He now works for HeUpGuys , a website based out of the University of British Columbia that focuses on men and mental illness.

Three times as many Canadian men kill themselves every year than women do — in Ontario, that means more men are dying from suicide than from car accidents. Women are actually more likely to try to kill themselves — three to four times more likely. But men are more likely to die from it. Men are more likely to use firearms and other deadly methods, while women are more likely to use pills. These differences might be because men are more comfortable with guns. Having mental health issues is a major predictor for suicide — almost everyone who dies from suicide has an underlying mental health problem.

But not everyone with mental illness kills themselves. One thing is a strong support system. That can result in their feelings building up without an escape valve — either a personal one, through talking with friends and family, or a professional one, through therapy or other mental health services — and can escalate to a crisis point. Studies show that in the year before they killed themselves, only 35 percent of men saw a mental-health practitioner, while 58 percent of women did.

He also questions the commonly held belief that women are more likely to suffer from mental illness than men are. They do, however, interact with their primary care providers: Most men who kill themselves have seen their family doctor within the month. A new online course , certified by the College of Family Physicians of Canada, hopes to better educate family physicians about s of suicide and depression in both men and women. Some sub-groups of men are also more vulnerable to suicide: gay and transgender men, Indigenous men and those vulnerable to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, such as first responders and soldiers.

Men who are in a lower socioeconomic class are also more likely to try to kill themselves. Early life experiences also play a role: Having parents who separated early in their lives and a family history of suicide are much more predictive of men dying from suicide than they are for women. And age is a factor. Nine of every , men 15 to 19 died of suicide , while 28 of every , who are 45 to 54 did. The rate for women 45 to 54 is only 8. Job losses increase the risk of suicide two- or three-fold, and men who are single , widowed or divorced are more likely to kill themselves.

The big picture answer to this problem, says Oliffe, is addressing the issue of masculinity in our culture. Campbell agrees — and says those shifts need to be embraced by women, too. Simply being aware of gender in our research and our approaches is another key step. That might mean focusing on suicide prevention strategies like limiting access to firearms. Some examples exist from around the world: The U. Air Force successfully dropped suicide levels beginning in the s by setting up 11 initiatives which normalize distress, encourage seeking help and educate leadership about warning s of suicidality.

After the program started, the mean suicide rate dropped from 3 per , to 2. There is evidence that the sheds reduce isolation, though their direct effect on mental health is still unproven. Offering more mental health resources online and through apps might be one way to make those services more attractive to men. The nice thing about that is it can be offered online , too. SickNotWeak , which was created by sports journalist Michael Landsberg, encourages users to talk about mental illness. A similar site in the U. Rich Mahogany. Fifty one percent of people who answered a pop-up survey on the site said they were more likely to seek help after visiting it.

It was co-created by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment and a marketing company, and versions have since spread to other parts of the U. It has also been customized for first responders.

And of course, the last part of this is making sure that mental health resources are there for the men and women who do reach out by investing more in mental health, especially psychotherapy. If you are feeling suicidal, for a list of resources in your area. He is also a member of the Healthy Debate editorial board. He is the former managing editor of Healthy Debate and co-founded Faces of Healthcare. If I am as brutally honest, what I really want in life is this: to ensure my family is fully provided for and then to die.

I feel largely irrelevant, that my stories are dull, my complaints distasteful whining at best, expressing my point of view an imposition that pushes aside others whose voices ought to be heard. I can recognize my value in providing for my family and in offering professional advice within my field of work.

Even writing this, I cringe a little, at the thought of someone reading my whiney, sulky blatherings. I firmly believe we need to go further along that journey. I feel the weight of responsibility associated with my position of privilege. I feel the responsibility to do my best to stay in my lane. Your suffering is real independent of your race, or financial position. I find it really sad that so much of identity politics has made people less compassionate and empathetic rather than more. Please be kind to yourself.

These negative actions push men to that extent all the time. My ex did the same thing but when I matched energy I was viewed as toxic, manipulative and abusive. I feel like misogyny and masculinity is the main reason that men commit suicide more than women. Straight men might commit suicide more because like you said they feel going to look for makes them weak.

The circular logic here is stunning. On the other hand, I gotta hand it to ya Mariam, never let something like mass male suicides go by without cashing in on the political capital of the horror. Maybe, just maybe, men are killing themselves because the world has identified them as the fundamental problem for everything.

This is classic victim shaming and repugnant opportunism. So, there! Problem solved. In the U. I lost all of my male friends both during and after my divorce as we all grew older and took on more responsibilities. This disability will likely cause me to lose my job as a train operator. Regret is the first thing on my agenda everyday I wake up.

My sister was also depressed, and had absolutely no intension or suicidal ideation, for months. Shortly after taking anti-depressants, she attempted suicide. She said she did not feel like herself, and was more of an observer of herself when she attempted. She also said she had thoughts about killing her partner too. These doctors are trying their best, but they have no idea of the chemistry that goes into these anti-depressants, and how they interact with the brain.

How could they know? The main thing out of all of this, is the fact that none, or very few, of these s of suicide attempts are tied back to the medication. We talked about this afterwards, and she said she was sure nobody reported the correlation. Seeing your name on here made me burst into tears. The name of the man i probably could have saved …Sadly, he took his own life.

Was a single father and the most loving strong intelligent fun big hearted sweet individual and an amazing father. Never got the chance to tell him i loved him. Could i have saved him??? It was almost like they needed somebody in my age range to get into that buttonhole. I have incredibly low cholesterol and the new doctor hasnt checked it for six years. This is something we need to bring attention to. Nobody will do that. The whole thing is just really screwed up. Or you have to sell everything you have. I totally agree. The following draft was written by my nephew and left in an open window on his computer.

It was still there when police found him a few days ago. We thought it best to allow it to be sent on to you. I reported thoughts of suicide to my mental health professional after beginning anti-depressants. I refused to and stormed out. I followed the new dosage though, because she was a doctor after all. Only a passerby heard the chair hit the floor, cut me down, and began CPR. More recently I was on a date. And this was a big deal for me. Becoming pregnant months before the wedding. Since then women have hit on me constantly…till they found that out. She looked shocked. A full Heavy plate of food came flying and smacked me in The face, busting my nose and blacking both my eyes.

I paid the bill and left to the jeers of the other patrons. Later that night, she began texting me Sex videos filmed with the man who had come to the table. It should be mentioned that when police arrived for the welfare check, butcher knives had been left stuck in his front door, and hat in the mailbox. Piles more on the table inside.

22 male looking for something to do

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