420 friendly fun time

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Words by Clark Campbell 27 Jun Image courtesy of farmerjoeparker. Image courtesy of dankcanvas. Image courtesy of laarboretum. Image courtesy of thebfclub. Image courtesy of headroomgallery. Image courtesy of gmweho. Image from Flickr. Image courtesy of Grassfed. Clark Campbell is a Los Angeles local who has worked in the cannabis industry for four years and counting. Venice is a residential, commercial and recreational beachfront neighborhood on the Westside of the city of Los Angeles. Venice was founded in as a seaside resort town.

It was an independent city until , when it merged with Los Angeles. Toggle . In. Up. As a former Los Angeles budtender, I have helped everyone from Kevin Smith to your grandmother pick the best weed for the moment. Get Citizine Updates Here. In Amsterdam, you go to a cafe for coffee and a coffee shop for cannabis.

Hitman Coffee Shop in LA is taking notes as it introduces its own new coffee shop and glass gallery concept. The impeccably clean glass dab rigs dotting long wooden tables and the outdoor patio and koi pond will impress any date. Essentially, this is Soho House for stoners. Hitman Glass founder Dougie Fresh also has on display much of his personal collection of glass pipes you won't find anywhere else, including a glass fruit collection.

Painting sounds fun, but have you ever tried it on weed, man? Dank Canvas elevates the idea of an amateur painting class to new stoney heights by offering a safe space for dates to get high. It's super low-key and probably won't be the first time you get high with your art teacher. Pizza and pothe go together like Cheech and Chong. But LA's plethora of pizzerias can be daunting to the medicated mind, which makes Blaze Pizza a perfect place for first dates with different palates.

Puff up beforehand to keep your appetite adventurous and your conversation complex. A stoner's natural habitat is either her mom's basement or out in nature. But getting lost in the woods never led to a second date, which is why the LA Arboretum is the perfect no-hassle hike option for anyone who loves seeing, smelling or smoking trees. Ask your date about his favorite books and films while hiking the acres of foliage from around the world. Sneaking into a grove for a quick vape hit and a smooch never hurt Mother Nature. Happiness is breakfast food and empty dispensary canisters.

Want the VIP treatment? Hello, that's a killer deal! If laughter is the best medicine, cannabis is a close second. Thankfully you and your date can medicate with both at the HeadRoom Gallery, one of the city's first hotboxable comedy lounges. It's BYOW, but the laughs are free. And don't worry if you left your stash at home, the HeadRoom Collective is a connected dispensary, making this a two t minimum affair.

Dating in the LA cannabis community means you meet a lot of healthy, granola-loving gurus who might take offense to your Animal-Style Double-Doubles and supersized wet burritos. Thankfully, both stoners and vegans can come together in perfect harmony at Gracias Madre. You'll be halfway through your entree before you hazily realize that there wasn't any meat on the menu!

And the piece de resistance is their selection of cannabis-themed CBD infused cocktails. They're non-psychoactive AKA won't get you high , so have no fear knocking back another Rolled Fashion or Stoney Negroni with your chips and guac. It took me years to get on the secret RSVP list, but this year, LA's only weekly cannabis event finally went public with ticket sales, allowing all local stoners a chance to live like Snoop for a night.

Pro tip: Don't dab on the first date! No one likes to be couch-locked with a stranger. Would this list be complete without the Venice Boardwalk? Considered the epicenter of LA's cannabis community, it's easy to spark a t while perusing the city's largest collection of glass shops, watching skate boarders glide by, and noshing poke bowls with your high hubby. Let the sounds of drum circles and smells of marijuana smoke fill the air for a picturesque sunset sesh.

You'll need plans outside of the box. How about plans outside of reality? Welcome to Grassfed's Virtual Reality Elevated events. Known for their cannabis-infused dinners, Grassfed has started hosting VR exhibitions where you can puff, puff and plug in to a virtual world. The events run monthly so don't miss out on your next chance to get high as a kite, then virtually be the kite. Expand Map. PlaceList 8 City. Also featured in: The LA Guide. Also featured in:. Book on OpenTable. Destinations Los Angeles. Subscribe to our mailing list Thanks for ing up!

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420 friendly fun time

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