Anyone want dark chocolate

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Got chocolate on the brain? Here are the top reasons you might be feeling like a choco-holic. Pure chocolate comes from the cocoa bean. To get the yummy taste you know and love, cocoa powder is mixed with a hefty amount of sugar. The average chocolate bar also contains dairy and other forms of fat. Some researchers have found no evidence of a physical addiction to sugar, while others have suggested sugar addiction is a real thing. The one-two punch of fat and sugar makes chocolate candy particularly appealing.

A sugar high might temporarily boost your mood and can also lead to an energy crash. The American Heart Association recommends women limit their daily sugar intake to 6 teaspoons 24 grams of sugar. For men, the recommended max is 9 teaspoons 36 grams. If you gotta have some chocolate, opt for a variety with a high cocoa content. Bars that have 70 percent cocoa or more typically have less than 10 grams of sugar. Just double-check the nutrition info on the label. Not a fan of dark chocolate? You can still live your best milk chocolate life in moderation. Start by cutting your portions.

This will satisfy your craving without maxing out your sugar intake for the day. Sometimes a couple of bites is all it takes. Your chocolate craving might not have anything to do with chocolate itself — you might just be hungry. Simple carbs can give you a quick energy boost. The downside is that foods with lots of refined sugar like chocolate rank high on the glycemic index.

That means they spike your insulin levels. A lot of chocolate products contain beaucoup caffeine. In fact, a serving of chocolate can have more caffeine than a can of soda. This might be why you fantasize about Ms. Some types of chocolate will give you a bigger buzz than others.

Chocolate bars with a high cocoa percentage have more caffeine. A lot of people crave chocolate when Aunt Flo comes to town. Some research suggests that about 50 percent of American women crave chocolate during PMS. Keep in mind that this phenomenon might be more psychological than physical. But chocolate causes your brain to release feel-good neurotransmitters like dopamine. Chocolate is a natural source of magnesium, a micronutrient that a lot of folks especially women are lacking.

A magnesium deficiency might play a role in chocolate cravings, but the jury is still out. To get the biggest bang for your healthy buck, go for dark chocolate. Bars with 70 percent or more cocoa are the best choice, since they contain less sugar and dairy. Chocolate cravings are super common. Thankfully, there are healthier ways to satisfy them. Opt for dark chocolate with high percentages of cocoa and practice portion control to make the best of your chocolate habit.

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Anyone want dark chocolate

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How Much Dark Chocolate Can I Eat Every Day?