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T he residents of the Cotswold village of Bledington were entitled to see themselves as the quintessential English villagers, blessed with a village green, stream, medieval church, Kings Head pub, mention in the Domesday Book, even a Victorian maypole. However, a DNA survey, one of the most comprehensive attempts to capture an entire village, has revealed their surprisingly diverse origins. Just The tests also revealed unsuspected relationships between villagers, particularly surprising those who moved there and those whose families had lived there for generations.

Sylvia Reeves, a local historian, is 93 and has lived in Bledington for more than half a century, but is still an incomer. She has now learned she is a distant cousin of Steve Tyack, slightly less than half her age, a builder and member of the village council. Both are thrilled. I would never have dreamt it, especially because he is rooted round here whereas I came to Bledington by chance after being born in London.

This whole experience has been wonderful — a real opportunity. Six further villagers found fourth cousins or closer, and most of those tested — 61 people in all — found some relationship links. The tests, carried out by the family history company Ancestry UK , revealed 18 different DNA regions among the villagers. Kristen Turner, a marketing manager, discovered she has south Asian ancestry and is now planning her next holiday. Typically gloriously diverse, as it turns out, with the sheep perhaps the only true natives.

This article is more than 4 years old. DNA testing of residents of ancient village of Bledington showed genetic heritage spanning 18 locations around the world. Maev Kennedy. Fri 11 Aug . Topics Heritage Genetics features. Reuse this content.

Black sex Bledington

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'I've got some Viking': English villagers surprised by DNA test