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Last week the club became the focus of a scandal that has brought disgrace on the police department and left many residents feeling betrayed. Three officers, including Police Chief Robert Peyer, have been suspended, and two others also face allegations of misconduct. Among the charges are that Peyer tipped off the owner of the nightclub that he was under investigation by the police and the Internal Revenue Service.

That leaves three fulltime officers working, along with some part-time helpers. Peyer also is accused of selling parts of his uniform and patches to a stripper at the nightclub, and then denying it. The nightclub owner, Jerry Petrone, was charged last week with recruiting teen-age girls for pornography.

Separate allegations include charges that Officer Edward Rome committed adultery on top of a squad car, and that Rome and Officer Jeffrey Lofy held a drag race and played a game of tag with their vehicles. Rome and officer Ernie Hardwick are the other two suspended. Lofy is one of the two officers facing allegations of misconduct and were not suspended. Some of the other charges in the case include accepting a free pass to the strip t, failure to for confiscated marijuana, and golfing on duty.

The town, with a population of 4, about 50 miles southwest of Milwaukee, is a mix of farmland, frame houses on narrow streets and many vacation homes along a lake. The police station could be mistaken for a large, white, country home, except for the American flag and a few squad cars out front. Inside the station, Officer Paul Aldige spoke softly when describing how the allegations affected the department. Aldige said he could not predict how the community would react to the charges. However, some people in town had already formed strong opinions the day after the allegations were revealed.

Paul Brahm, another resident, said he was not surprised that the police department had become the source of controversy. But one woman, who did not want her name used, said she was angry with the Town Board - more than the police department - for making the revelations. But Polzin said the board had to take action, because rumors of possible misconduct circulated through the town for months.

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Delavan wi sex party

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Delavan wi sex party