Every woman needs to see this

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May is certainly the month of mommies. Putting yourself and your health first will let you better take care of your family and be the best mother and partner you can be. And to take the best care of yourself, there are 5 doctors every woman needs to see each and every year, without fail. I have no medical training of any kind. This is just the simply smart and sensical list of doctors you should be seeing, at a minimum, each year to make sure you are keeping on top of your health and wellness. First, you should be seeing your primary care doctor every year for a physical.

Chances are, this is the doctor you see whenever you are feeling sick or if something is off. Your family doctor is usually where everyone starts when they have an issue, and then the family doctor will refer out anything additional that is needed. Each year you should have a physical, complete with bloodwork that includes your blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

They will also check your blood pressure and look for anything else abnormal to address. One that has your medical records and knows your medical history. This is also most likely the physician that will manage any prescriptions you may have for day to day issues.

And most primary care physicians will require you to come in every six months to one year to ensure you still need those prescriptions and that the doses are still correct for you. I cannot say this enough. Without fail. There are WAY too many working parts in the female reproductive system to let anything go and neglect. You must do this for yourself every year. No woman is looking forward to a pelvic exam. But having your pelvic exam and pap smears done each year is super important to your female health.

Make sure you take care of that business. YOU are their best detective to stay on top of your health. If you feel like something is off, they need to know. If you have pain during sex, they need to know. If you have different discharge, smell, change in period pattern, abdominal tenderness, etc, they need to know. Sometimes small things can lead to big things. In this day and age, you should see a dermatologist for a full-body scan to get a baseline of how often you SHOULD see the dermatologist.

I go twice a year. So, my skin is pretty sensitive anyway. Best to get it checked! When I go for my full body scan, just like the family doctor and the gyno, you get naked, they literally check you from head to toe, check out any suspicious spots with a special lens, and biopsy anything of concern. It takes minutes. Easy peasy. You should see your eye doctor every year. I have contacts and glasses, and in the not so distant future, probably reading glasses.

They check your vision, check your prescriptions, and then also check on your eye health. They look for scratches, irritation, cataracts, plus other conditions that could affect eyesight. Lastly, you should see your dentist at least once a year. Most people go twice a year. Plus your teeth need to be cleaned by someone that knows exactly how to clean them at a minimum of once per year.

This is the doctor that no one really talks about having in their arsenal of medical professionals. This is a medical doctor that specializes in mental health. This would likely be the doctor that would be prescribing any kind of drug regarding your mental status, including antidepressants and anxiety medicines. A psychiatrist will generally specialize in the medication portion of your mental health.

There are counselors that specialize in all kinds of traumas and specialties and you can pick one based on the issues you are having compared to the specialties they treat. For example, if you have an eating disorder, there are therapists that specialize in that arena. If you have general life anxiety or parenting worries, a family counselor might bet a better fit. There are therapists that only see women for women related issues.

You name it, there is probably a therapist of some kind for it. Find your fit and go. There should be no shame or embarrassment to go see any kind of mental health professional. If you need help, get it. I always say, if your stomach hurts, you go to the doctor. If you break your leg, you go to the doctor.

Mental issues are no different. And no issue is too small to go see a therapist. It can be as simple as you are worried about everything and need some help sorting through the noise of life. I am a HUGE advocate for people seeing therapists. I wish it were mandatory for people to see a therapist a few times a year.

There is a lot of power and strength in seeing someone to try and get your issues sorted out and I commend people that take the time to do this. There are a few annual tests that you must have each year, especially once you reach a certain age. Early screening can lead to the extremely early discovery of any issues you may have to address. I think different doctors have different opinions on how often women need a pap smear. Each year or maybe even more frequently!

You should be having your blood pressure checked a few times a year at least. Especially if you have high blood pressure issues and take medication for high blood pressure. High blood pressure is dangerous and very bad for your heart. Any family history of cancer or any neurological disorders is very important to follow and watch. You should never, ever be the least bit apprehensive about changing doctors. Your doctor is the person that will monitor your health and you are literally putting your life into their hands.

Which is fine, in theory. But for me and new doctor? We were NOT a match. I gave it three visits over the course of a few months and called and requested to change doctors within the practice. I was able to do so with no issues. But if it had been an issue, I was prepared to leave the practice altogether and find a new doctor that I was comfortable with and liked.

Or at the very least have a good amount of confidence in them. It is MORE than fair to want a doctor that has the possibility to empathize with you. A quick note about your weight… Your weight is SO important. It affects your heart health, your mental health, your bone, and t health, and the list goes on and on. Being overweight makes your entire body work harder than it should just to function. Work with your doctor before you start any kind of diet or exercise program to make sure you are up for the challenge.

And your doctor may also have advice or ideas for you to try as well. This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from those links, I may make a small commission. See our full Disclosure and Disclaimer Policy here. I hope this list of the 5 doctors every woman needs to see helps you. I really hope it motivates you to make some appointments if you have let some of these appointments lapse for yourself. Your health is vitally important and must be looked after all the time.

And you must teach your kids to take good care of themselves by being a great example of HOW to take good care of yourself. I hope this helps! And as always… just keep shuffling! Thanks for the tip to see a doctor every year got a physical. I should probably go in sometime this summer and then make it a goal to go every year around the same time.

Search this website Hide Search. Psychiatrist This is a medical doctor that specializes in mental health. Annual Testing There are a few annual tests that you must have each year, especially once you reach a certain age. Pap Smears: I think different doctors have different opinions on how often women need a pap smear. Blood Tests Each year or maybe even more frequently! Blood Pressure Screening You should be having your blood pressure checked a few times a year at least.

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Every woman needs to see this

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