Female gym partner

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Your heart races as you walk up to meet your exercise pal. Your breathing speeds up as you say hello and talk about the day. Your body is stimulated by just the preparation to exercise and increases over the time of the workout. But the exercise euphoria you feel may go beyond the workout. You may not even realize the positive emotional connections your brain is making over time. Once your body is physically stimulated, your brain searches for an explanation or a source of the stimulation. Romantic attraction can be increased by physical arousal from activities such as lifting weights, running, or any other sport.

Even physical exercise perceived as unpleasant or challenging can stimulate this mind-body hunt for the reason you are aroused. The physiological effects of exercise such as increased heart rate, increased breathing, release of hormones, and increased mood are the same as those experienced by people in love. You may find he is your perfect mate or you may realize that you two are really just meant to be workout pals. Kristina Marquez. View All.

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Female gym partner

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