Great Elevator Ride

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You confidently walk up to that golden elevator that will take you to the top. Just as the elevator doors are about to close, a firm hand comes between them. The one person you know, who could make your dream career a reality! The powerful CEO steps into the elevator and turns to face the front. Say something! Convince your dream employer that you deserve to enter the top floor as well. Say anything!

What to say? This, my friend is where your elevator pitch will be useful. The elevator pitch is short snippet about you, used to tell a potential employer what you could offer him or her as an employee, and why he or she might consider you for any upcoming job openings. You should start off your discussion with a potential employer with a warm smile and a, "H ello. My name is insert your name. This is not a job interview. The goal is to demonstrate your value and to impress the individual enough that he or she will be interested in a future meeting.

The key ingredients to any great elevator pitch are as follows:. This would be a good time to incorporate a short sentence to demonstrate your knowledge of the company the CEO oversees. I think it will make a ificant difference for families in our community, to receive care here at home and travel less. Do your homework in advance so that when you do have the opportunity to speak with the employer of your dreams, you know something about the company he or she oversees.

This proves your interest in working for the company and reveals your motivated, go-getter attitude which is something employers look for in new hires. Being a member of a club that supports your communication and leadership growth…like a Gavel Club for youth or Toastmasters Club for adults for example, is impressive and will make you stand out as someone with added value. Someone with excellent communication skills, knowledge of social media, a willingness to learn, and pitch in where needed.

Do you see how I brought in even more value to what I can offer the organization and have started to ask for what I want in a confident and polite way? Give the CEO a moment to respond. He or she may offer you a follow-up meeting without hesitation or ask you how he or she can help. Smith, can I call your assistant later today or tomorrow, to line up some time with you over the next weeks, to discuss any opportunities in your organization further? If all goes to plan, you will get a business card from the CEO and the name of his or her assistant. Later in the day or the following morning you simply need to follow up with a phone call to set up the official meeting and, in letting the assistant know that the CEO gave you permission to set up the meeting, you have a better chance at accomplishing your ultimate goal.

Now, how did that dream end? Ah yes… cue harps playing, lite fog rolling in, bright flash of light. The elevator doors open at the top floor and your CEO icon is about to get out. I look forward to speaking with you further. Create You. Coaching and Inspirational Speaking. All Posts Communication Career Success.

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Great Elevator Ride

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