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The county was named in honor of U. John Taylor — , a soldier-statesman from Caroline County, Virginia. Taylor County, served by U. The county has Steep hillsides, V-shaped valleys, and narrow floodplains characterize the region. Trapper John Simpson was the earliest white person known to have entered present Taylor County, in The oldest towns, including Pruntytown and Fetterman, formed along the Northwestern Turnpike , which followed the path of modern U.

Pruntytown is the oldest settlement in Taylor County, dating back to the early s. Fetterman also lay at a commercial junction, where the turnpike crossed the Tygart Valley River. Pruntytown served as the county seat from , when Taylor County was formed, until A clause in the charter stipulated that the railroad should reach or cross the Tygart Valley River within three miles of Three Fork Creek, then an uninhabited area in Taylor County.

Today, Grafton remains an active railroad town. On May 22, , in a fatal encounter between these two militias, Thornsberry Bailey Brown became the first Union soldier killed in the Civil War. Although little military action occurred in Taylor County, there were frequent raids along the rail line, and towns in the county became hospital sites and way stations for troops.

Grafton acquired a national cemetery, a federal military hospital, and a morgue. Brown is among those buried at Grafton National Cemetery. The Carr China factory in Grafton closed down in and the building was destroyed by fire in In , it became the Mountain Statesman, which continues to publish three days a week. The Tygart Valley River flows through the county, linking the two state parks. The U. Army Corps of Engineers completed the Tygart Dam in to provide flood protection for the region.

The resulting 1,acre lake is a popular recreation area. Valley Falls State Park , once a lumber and gristmill community, is enjoyed for its waterfalls, scenic beauty, and West Virginia heritage. Clair Bee, a championship college basketball coach and author of juvenile sports fiction, grew up in Grafton. The high school in his popular Chip Hilton books was named for Valley Falls. Flemington is a town in Taylor County with a population of at the census.

It was incorporated in , and named for James Fleming. Belling, Ella "Taylor County. Grafton National Cemetery, WV. Taylor County Courthouse, WV. Taylor County, West Virginia.

Hookup sites Rosemont West Virginia

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