Need something more in your life

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David is making a living from his passion and helps people to do the same. Read full profile. It can be easy to run through the maze of life without pausing to think of its meaning… How to live a meaningful life? More importantly, does it matter to me? It makes getting up each day the most exciting thing in the world. Forget trying to force yourself to work hard, it becomes more important to remind yourself to take breaks to eat! The answer is usually complicated. It can depend on many factors. Write down your top 5 things that you believe are the essence of how you want to live life. I believe everyone should pursue their passion in life.

Each time you work on something you love, it creates joy inside you like nothing else. Finding a way to use your passions to give back to the world will give your life ultimate meaning. By working on your passion and becoming an expert in it, you will eventually have the opportunity to make money from it. Be ready to seize that opportunity! If you had to give yourself a reason to live, what would it be? What would you stand for? What principles do you hold highest? Is it to inspire others with great works of art, or you words? Be aware of yourself and your actions.

Review your actions each day, taking stock of those that strayed from your path. Work towards correcting any incidents in the future. Meditation is a great tool for accomplishing this task. It helps us increase our self-awareness throughout the day.

Rather than chasing 3 or 4 goals and making very little progress on them, place all of your energy on one thing. Not only will you alleviate some of the stress associated with trying to juggle so many tasks, you will be much more successful. Try and align your goal with something you are passionate about, so that there will be an intrinsic drive to work hard and do well.

Often, we are faced with wanting to buy material goods. I recommend you consider carefully what you purchase, and think more about spending your money on experiences with friends and family. Not only will this give deeper meaning to your life by focusing on your relationships rather than material wealth, but you will be a happier person as a result. For some, compassion is the purpose of life, what gives it meaning, and what le to ultimate happiness. Do something that both honors your beliefs and passions, while giving something back to the world.

By giving something back, we inevitably find purpose in the act. By cultivating more of these activities, you will find your life has more meaning and purpose behind it. It can also help reduce stress and make your overall life easier to manage. It can also greatly improve your productivity. In the morning, before you start your day, create a list of 3 goals that you find fulfilling and meaningful. Make sure they adhere to your set of principles and beliefs. Tackle the hardest things first! Doing all of these things at once may seem daunting, but you can pick one thing at a time and slowly incorporate the ideas into your life.

Life is about the journey, not the destination. Living a life of purpose gives both fulfillment and meaning to your journey. Featured photo credit: Candice Picard via unsplash. In reality, everyone likes money. It has enough power to determine happy or sad moments for some people. This happens partially because money can trigger your emotions. Money will allow you to experience the luxury of things like a Tesla, an estate, or first-class tickets to anywhere in the world. But, money cannot buy you everything. There are aspects of your life, yourself, relationships, and encounters that forever will be priceless.

Love is a genuine action with beautiful emotions that develops between people who know each other to an extent. Love is unconditional and keeps people in connection with each other. But sometimes, people are only attracted to what you have and what you can give; not who you are. A father is only a father as a result of the relationship between him and his child. Can money buy a relationship? The same concept applies to the mother and child and if a relationship with a father cannot be bought, then neither can one with a mother nor child be bought. He or she receives it from experience.

So, if you cannot buy experience, then you cannot buy knowledge. And if you cannot buy both, then wisdom is definitely out of your league. You have to study, meet people and just experience life to earn it. Despite all the money a person may have in the bank, he or she still may not have the happiness that we all crave and deserve. Money cannot afford happiness.

During birthdays, we wish people a long, prosperous and healthy life. Money would be the best gift to send to loved ones to buy these things. You may also give them fun and loving experiences without money. The universe has been impartial enough to give us all 24 hours to do whatever we want to.

But nobody, with all his or her wealth, has been able to purchase an extra hour, not even a second. They say it is reciprocal. In other words, you can only get respect when you give respect and the last time we checked, there was no money for respect. That, dear friend, is not confidence. Confidence is a quality you build with time. There are countless beauty products in the market and all of them cost money.

These beauty products can only enhance beauty by covering up blemishes and some go as far as altering some features of the body. But none has been able to change the natural beauty of anybody. If you consider surgery, then you are still altering the natural features, not changing it.

Some individuals are born with the gift to make others laugh. Most of the comedians around became wealthy as a result of their sense of humor. The humor did not come after the money. Nobody became funny overnight because of a swell in their bank .

Why do you trust people? Their character earned them that trust. Talent is a natural skill that has to be discovered and honed. Just like beauty and every other thing that comes naturally, talent cannot be purchased. People attend conferences and seminars to help them discover their purpose in life. These conferences may be free or paid but the money did not buy them the purpose. They already had the purpose way before realizing that they needed to find it. Lots of poor people discovered their purpose and leveraged it to become rich.

This goes on to illustrate that money can come as a result of finding purpose but it cannot get you the purpose. Even if money finds a way to get any of the other items on this list, it can never afford satisfaction. Money increases our desire for more money. The more the money, the more the hunger. Never have we ever heard of a man who bought the ability to empathize and never would we ever because empathy is a feeling.

Feelings cannot be bought. Why do people employ sophisticated security systems? Because they want to have peace when they go to bed but even with all of that, peace has never been received in exchange for money. It comes as a result of a clear conscience and a good heart. Your way of life and character helps people to receive you.

And do spend your money and time wisely.

Need something more in your life

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