New orleans fuck buddy

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Have you been seeing someone on the regular who satisfies one critical need in your life hint: sex? Are they a part of your life out of utter convenience? Despite having seen them naked, do you find yourself perplexed as to what to call this person? Like a store-bought potato, this person is completely unremarkable in every way -- except for his or her role as filler of that sexual void which is hopefully where the potato similarities end. If they want to have sex, they text you; if you want to have sex, you text them. In 21st-century dating, there is no such thing as black and white.

Only gray, sweaty haze. You don't have adorable little inside jokes with this person. A WELP is a testament to the transience of the 21st-century dating scene in the sense that neither party would really give a flying shit if the other fell off the face of the Earth. If a dildo or a Fleshlight became sentient and gained access to an iPhone, then that would be the closest possible comparison.

See, declaring a WELP celebrates the act of casual sex without any restrictions, which, as you may have heard, much to the horror of your grandparents, is how many people are doing it nowadays. Well, the answer is in the exhale. Did you meet this person on Tinder, OkCupid, Bumble, or anything else that could be classified as an app primarily used to locate someone to bang?

Do you have zero intentions of introducing this person to your friends, neighbors, parents, coworkers, siblings, distant relatives, or coffee shop baristas? More importantly, the search to find someone new after your last relationship crumbles has remarkably declined since the launch of the dating app. How hard is it to find a new prospect after your old one fizzles you out for someone taller? About as hard as picking up your phone and swiping right. A last-resort cheese for a mediocre sandwich, or a TV show that you watch because the remote control recently exploded.

A WELP is a celebration of mediocrity with the added bonus that someday, someone will put both of you out of your misery. And in the meantime, if someone gets wind of your repeated late-night rendezvous and asks what the deal is? Just look back, shrug your shoulders, and say it confidently. Jeremy Glass is a writer for Thrillist and thinks he's so damn clever for thinking of this acronym. Was the goal of sex established within the first 10 to 20 minutes of conversation? If this person was kidnapped, would it take you more than a month to notice? Make Fun. Thrillist Serves. Social Media Links.

New orleans fuck buddy

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