Sexting with a married man

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When Dawn caught her husband Mark sexting an ex-colleague on WhatsApp, her whole world came crashing down, so we began marriage counselling in Abu Dhabi to discuss this issue. Mark argued that it was an innocent pastime, a bit of fun and that the girl lived in another city Dubai and no longer even worked for the company they had worked at together. Dawn had lost all trust in him. She asked Mark these questions but he told her that it was a game and done out of boredom. That he wanted her and found her attractive although he mentioned that he would like sex more.

It caused a problem in the relationship because each time since the discovery Mark was on the phone she felt uneasy and we had to take to steps to rebuild the trust. Both of them saying how hot each other looked and sending revealing photos. Dawn was furious after all she explained how upset she was the first time. She accused him of having an emotional and virtual affair. If he could take it back he would, he never meant to hurt Dawn.

For Dawn sorry was not good enough, she was tired and was considering divorce. Sexting is sending explicit messages, photographs or videos through digital devices. Virtual and digital affairs can be of a sexual or emotional nature. This is a common question those who seek my couples therapy in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or online ask me. Here are the most common reasons revealed during my private counselling sessions:. What most couples struggle with is whether sexting another person while in a committed relationship is considered cheating.

Today we have access to find and contact more and more men and women than ever before. Do a simple search for people on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and you will find millions of attractive people and will often be able to message them directly. This instant access makes it far easier for people who get a thrill out of sexting to send such messages and get the attention they crave.

Then there are internet dating apps, where in just a few seconds you can up and begin sexting with complete strangers. Sexting outside a relationship can undoubtedly create severe trust and understanding issues.

Yet those caught having a virtual affair claim it does not count as cheating because it is virtual and a fantasy rather than a reality. However, many will admit if their partner did the same they would not like it one bit. Because secrecy is never good, it affects transparency and therefore a couples emotional connection and sex life.

The problem is the fact that sexting can often turn into an addiction and any time you put an addiction before your marriage and future dreams and goals it is going to affect your enjoyment of life long-term. Sexting and virtual affairs create a false sense of intimacy and anonymity. I have met many men and women who have been sexting others and been caught by their husband or wife, where they promised never to do it again and really meant it at the time, yet fell victim to the instant thrill and high it can give and end up repeating the behaviour again and again.

I am sure many counsellors in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and around the world would agree. In my sex addiction counselling helping men and women to break free and holding them able for new behaviour along the way, I have noticed that sexting addiction can be the start of a virtual affair and sex addiction.

They begin sexting and then it turns physical as little by little they get used to hiding things, taking a risk and pushing guilt away. So virtual affairs are a slippery slope to physical infidelity. Which is another major reason sexting and virtual affairs are harmful to marriages? If sexting is done without knowledge to a third-party virtual and emotional infidelity is at play and if the third party has no interest in it then it counts as sexual harassment. Do it with your spouse. Sexting can be good for married couples living busy lives, as it can add some more passion into the relationship.

Spouses can also use the sexting to express themselves in a way that perhaps they would normally shy away from. It can be a form of foreplay to send revealing photos to each other and can be part of spicing up the intimacy. For couples in expat and long-distance relationships, it really can help create a sense of physical closeness and keep the passion alive, ready for the times they meet. However, you want to make sure you discuss likes and dislikes first, as for many men and women crudeness has a limit, just like seeing a stand-up comedian.

In summary sexting and virtual cheating is definitely something that is growing and in my experience sexting tends to create huge problems. With technology at our fingertips, smartphones have made this form of virtual cheating and emotional infidelity as easy as one, two, three. The answer to this problem is to not police each other more, to track and monitor, but to police yourself and agree on this in your relationship. To really think before you press send, STOP and ask yourself would my wife or husband approve of this? Rebuilding trust is a must, making sure you discuss what needs to change in order to become closer physically and emotionally and stepping into action.

If you would like to discuss a new way to connect and are considering marriage counselling in Abu Dhabi, Dubai or online get in touch with me. Same if your husband or wife has threatened divorce, I help men and women to take action; to single-handedly turn around their marriage even if they are the only ones trying. Looking for Counsellors in Dubai? Nicola Beer offers Private Counselling Dubai, Counselling in Abu Dhabi, many expats fly from different areas for her Counselling Riyadh, Jeddah, Bahrain, Doha and Muscat are the most frequent customers for weekend individual or marriage counselling services.

So what is sexting and virtual affairs? SO why do married men and women sext message another person? If you or your partner like sexting what can you do? If not, is it really worth the risk? Google Rating. Regina Woolson. Ichele Watson. Rebecca Coby. Jillian Ludden. Chancey Christenson. Cristina Madine.

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Sexting with a married man

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