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A Loyola student said he was sexually assaulted and possibly drugged off campus last fall — and ever since he has struggled with alcohol, keeping friendships, staying in school and a sense of isolation. Side effects of roofies include amnesia and drowsiness. The next morning, the student said he woke up in his apartment naked and sore with blood on his sheets.

His apartment was in disarray with lamps and tables knocked over, and he said he was feeling hazy and lightheaded. That same morning, the student said he received separate text messages from the former Loyola professor and the accused offender. The former professor asked if he was okay. Since that night, the former professor and accused offender have hired the same lawyer while police investigate. Jon Erickson, the lawyer who represents both men, portrayed his clients as innocent of any wrongdoing but simply as witnesses who are trying to help the police.

For the student, there are two stories. The story of the incident and the story of what came after. In the months since the incident, the student said the reported assault has impacted him severely. He mentioned moving apartments, losing friends and working with Loyola to alter his class schedule while he processed his trauma. I developed a drinking problem and had to get help for it … I blame this guy for what happened. He said he had his control taken from him the night of the assault at the hands of the accused offender.

It makes it mean something. While all 32 sexual assault crisis centers in Illinois are equipped to provide services to all gender identities, the names of these organizations can feel exclusive. The Loyola student said he often felt alone.

Amber Miller, an assistant dean at Loyola who provided the student with counseling after the incident, declined to comment on his case. He said one of the first questions the cops asked was if he was gay and seemed not to believe him when he said no. He compared it to how he suspects the police handle reports of sexual assault from female survivors.

That was really a surprise to me, that there was so much skepticism at first. The student was told the of his rape kit would be back in about nine months. When requested by an agency in urgent situations, the ISP is generally able to complete DNA asments within 48 hours. Love said the Loyola Title IX office has received eight reports from male complainants so far this academic year, two of which were reports of sexual assault. In , there were 55 reports of sexual violence on students off campus and 15 reports in residence halls, The Phoenix reported. If anyone is in need of sexual assault resources, they can call the Loyola Sexual Assault Advocacy line at

Woman wants sex Loyola

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